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Shamrock has locations in both large and small markets all across the United States, combining essential resources, proven project management, attentive personal service—and convenience.

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St. Louis, MO
Memphis, TN
Hartford, CT
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Perrysburg, OH
Fort Worth, TX
Lowell, MA
Springfield, OH
Houston, TX
Detroit, MI
Erie, PA
Lansing, MI
Pittsburgh, PA
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Business Communications Services

Data Acquisition

Experience the thrill of the hunt


Watch closely: There is data out there that speaks volumes about your customers. Information exists about the buying habits of consumers within your geographic region, about those people who need or qualify for your service, about product loyalty, media preferences, lifestyle choices, and so much more.


Now track and hunt down that data. This is the data that can help you better position your business or product and make smart marketing decisions. You just need to be in position to capitalize on it.


We help customers like you isolate the relevant information that you need by acquiring new data, appending quality lists that you already own, and/or extracting additional information from an existing data set. Based on your organization’s goals and objectives, Shamrock helps you better understand the information contained within the data for next-step success.






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